About Tick RangerĀ®

Ticks carry a potential health hazard that can affect you, your children, and your pets, for the rest of their lives. The Tick Ranger® Program is the first step you can take in protecting your home environment from these nasty pests. Our approach to tick control is an integrated system with the homeowner that will reduce the potential risk of infection from tick bites. With the Tick Ranger® Program, you will immediately realize a substantial reduction, with our goal of total elimination, in tick populations - we guarantee it.

What You Can Expect From Our Tick Ranger® Program

  • Coverage - The Tick Ranger® treatment area covers: lawn areas, landscape beds, stone walls, wood piles and 25-feet beyond the perimeter wood line.
  • Control - We will control ticks currently on your property, as well as ticks that drop from deer and other animals that cross your property!
  • Convenience - Once our application has been applied and dries you can return to enjoy your property.
  • Reduction - It offers you peace of mind by drastically reducing the chances of contracting Lyme disease!
  • Relief - It makes it safer for children and pets to play outside in your yard.
  • Confidence - Tick Ranger is an environmentally friendly choice with awesome results.
  • Safety - Do you use well water? Not a problem!

Here are the benefits of using Tick Ranger . . .