Tick Ranger was awesome for spraying our yard for ticks. It's a safe and effective way to keep ticks from entering your yard and infecting your family. We used them for over 5 years and never had to worry about finding ticks after walking around our property.

Dante Treglio - Connecticut

Our first summer in a new house was extremely bad with ticks and fleas. Our two dogs got them, then our cat got them and got very ill. This year we started with Tick Ranger in April, and it has been such smooth sailing. Not a single tick or flea on any pets or the humans who frequently work in the woods surrounding the house. It really has been a great experience; I never would have expected such perfect results but I would absolutely never go without regular visits after seeing that we can enjoy our yard without constant bites.

Hannah Coon - Connecticut

We use this company for tick control. It works great! We went from constant ticks on the dogs to none now. Our neighbor uses them also and is very happy. Would not be without this service.

Jacqueline Regan - Connecticut

If you are going to use a tick control, doesn't it make sense to use one that is safer for you, your children, your pets and the environment?

Dr. Daniel Negola - DVM, ABVP-Veterinarian

Go with NaturaLawn of America. Organic, safer, effective, and they are tidy and neat. My lawn looks awesome! We use their organic Tick Ranger® service, too.

Pattie S. - Aldie, VA

We’ve had no ticks since starting this treatment!

Carol B. - Beltsville, MD

I just dragged all the pastures with white towels and am happy to report that, in this terrible tick year, I did not pick up a single tick or tick nymph!!! So I am happy to report that [Tick Ranger’s] organic spray, which we have been doing once a month since April, works!

Dr. Benyei - Whimsy Brook Farm, West Redding, CT

Best choice we ever made! When we first moved to CT, we lived in fear of finding ticks on us & even in our home, but once the Tick Ranger started caring for our lawn we immediately saw the difference!

Maria Russo - CT