Different Tick Types & What They Look Like

Adult Black-legged Ticks

Commonly referred to as Deer Ticks. Have no white markings on the dorsal area nor do they have eyes or festoons. They are about 3 mm and dark brown to black in color. Adults exhibit sexual dimorphism. Females typically have an orange to red color behind the scutum.

Adult Lone Star Ticks

Adult Lone Star Ticks have 8 legs and the body is fused into a single region. They are brown to tan, 1/3" long before feeding and up to ½" long engorged. Females have a single silvery-white spot on their backs while males have scattered spots or streaks around the margins of the body.

Dog Ticks

Dog Ticks are dark brown in color with an irregular pattern of white markings on the body region behind the head. They have 8 legs.